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Current Planter List

Phone: (317) 481-2400
Fax: (317) 241-9875
Toll Free: (800) 444-5424

Dr. Cecil Seagle, Exec. Director


SCBI Missions/Evangelism Team:
* Bobby Pell - Team Leader
* Rev. Steve Blanchard - Strategist
* Joel Gomez - Hispanic Catalyst
* Clarence Smith - Strategist
* Carol Houpt - Administrative Asst.


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What is church planting?
Church planting is the Biblical process of establishing Bible-believing congregations in un-churched or under-churched communities. The book of Acts describes gathering new believers into vibrant communities of faith. They share life together through worship, ministry, fellowship, discipleship and evangelizing the lost. Church planting is about multiplication for the Kingdom of God. It is God-centered and God-dependent and requires prayer, spiritual understanding, engaging the culture, sharing the gospel, and developing leaders.

Why plant new churches?
People need Jesus and are looking for hope in a troubled world. They may not respond to invitations from an established church. Church planting is one of the most effective evangelistic strategies for reaching unchurched people. New church plants often target people who don’t have a Bible-based church in their location or in their language. Or they find people who have an affinity either in interests (bikers) or cultural identity (Covington’s “misfits”).

Purpose Statement:The State Convention of Baptists in Indiana exists to Exalt Jesus, Encourage Pastors, and Equip Churches.



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